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Welcome to Rafiki Group

The Rafiki Group comprises of several partnerships between schools in Devon and Worcestershire in England, Maryland in the United States and Tanga Tanzania. Each partnership takes its Swahili name from an African animal. The group name Rafiki is taken from the Swahili for friends.

The Rafiki Group

The primary aim of the group is to develop a strong ethos of the global village for the pupils of all schools, creating a strong channel of communication between pupils to deliver understanding of differing and shared beliefs, values and concepts. To achieve this global village ethos all schools commit to two core objectives:

To develop the knowledge and skills so that individual pupils have a positive awareness of citizenship, and the confidence to make a contribution locally and globally. Vitally linked to this is clear idea of our interdependence with personal responsibilities for contributions to that relationship.

Each school will endeavour to develop strong sustainability practice as a result of shared ideas, skills and knowledge.

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